GoRider makes PREMIUM widescreen GPS navigation for motorcycles affordable with the all new GoRider Excalibur-XL

The all new Excalibur-XL is a renewed robust 5″ motorcycle navigation, a powerful replacement of previous model Excalibur. Again GoRider makes premium GPS navigation for motorcyclists affordable with the new GoRider Excalibur-XL.

The GoRider Excalibur-XL offers the best of existing systems in a pretty thin but robust, waterproof housing. The basic version is already more than complete, including detailed maps of whole Europe, mounting for motorcycle or scooter and advanced bluetooth functions suitable for any bluetooth headset. The system has all the essential features for easy navigation throughout Europe plus a large number of features normally only found on the most expensive GPS systems. Thus, it is also possible to choose routes with more or less curves, save the traveled routes, to plan itineraries and share them.
At all points the GoRider Excalibur-XL is a modern product. The casing is made of sturdy material with rubber soft-edges that can withstand bumps and shocks and all types of European weather conditions. The software can compete with the more expensive competitors with ease. The operating system provides an initial screen for navigation, multimedia use and settings. The system works right out of the box.

The difference between the Excalibur-XL, Excalibur-XL Pro and ProDUO is not large. These last two have most advanced Bluetooth headsets in the package for receiving driving directions, making phone calls, listening to music and for wireless communication between drivers and co-drivers.

Additional information:
All bluetooth headsets supporting bluetooth V4.0 (and lower) and HFP/A2DP can be connected with the GoRider Excalibur-XL.
For example Bluetooth headsets from Cardo / Interphone / Sena / Bikecomm

Basic comes without Bluetooth headset, Pro and ProDUO packages are including Bluetooth headsets.

Excalibur-XL information flyer

  • Part Nr Excalibur-XL: GRB-650BS
  • Part Nr Excalibur-XL Pro: GRB-650XC
  • Part Nr Excalibur-XL ProDUO: GRB-650XCDO


Excalibur-XL Specifications

  • Accurate GPS with extreme fast GPS fix
  • IPX7 certified for water and dust, suitable for all weathers
  • Quad Core 1300MHz
  • 13cm (5″) IPS screen with 854 x 480 pixels
  • Glove-friendly color touch screen, visible even with sunlight
  • Integrated Memory RAM: 512MB DDR3
  • Built-in memory: 8GB Nand Flash
  • Accepts data cards: microSD (up to 32GB)
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (3000 mAh +/- 3 hours)
  • Weight: 260g
  • Dimensions: 143 (W) x 92 (H) x 21 (D) mm
  • Built-in waterproof speaker
  • Mini USB 2.0 connection (behind cover)
  • 3.5mm audio output (behind cover)
  • Extra rugged design with “soft-edge”
  • Charging Dock and battery cable for motorcycle
  • Safe motorcycle support (19-32mm)
  • Advanced Bluetooth functions, compatible with all Bluetooth headsets
  • Supplied with detailed maps of Full Europe
  • Easy to use and user friendly menu structure
  • Drive routes you can find over the internet, got through friends or made by yourself using the included software
  • Use the interactive PC route software to create routes. Routes can also be made or modified on the Excalibur-XL
  • During each ride, there are choices for different routes. Select the route you want to drive; fast, short, easy or just one with many curves
  • Extensive trip registration opportunities
  • Clear instructions and warnings
  • Multiple languages and voices
  • Advanced lane guidance
  • 3D cities, buildings and points of interest
  • Out of the box ready to use
  • Pre-installed fixed speed camera locations and danger zones
  • Multimedia Player
  • Comes with many extras
  • 2 year warranty
  • Etc.

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What’s in the box

  • GoRider Excalibur-XL
  • Cradle
  • 12V power adapter
  • 12V cigarette lighter charger
  • Handlebar mount (1 inch ball)
  • Bikecomm Bluetooth headset (only Pro and ProDUO 2x)
  • Protective pouch
  • Wall charger
  • USB cable
  • Manual

Optional Accessories

  • GRB-MNT650-B (replacement handlebar mount)
  • GRB-MNT650-M (replacement handlebar mount with cradle and power adapter)
  • GRB-CARCA48 (12V sigarette adapter)
  • GRB-MNCA65-S (suction mount and 12V sigarette adapter)
  • GRB-MNCA65-M (suction mount, cradle and 12V sigarette adapter)
  • GRB-MNTSCKN (anti-theft lock knob)
  • GRB-TPKBBK (motorcycle tirepressure and temp. monitor kit black)
  • GRB-TPKBSL (motorcycle tirepressure and temp. monitor kit silver)

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